by Martin Deschambault

Discussion on is it legal to fly the Jolly Roger on your boat? Where do you stand? - The Jolly Roger flies for freedom.

Tim Johnson "The Nelson Touch" (HMS Victory)

Tim Johnson "The Nelson Touch" (HMS Victory) - could i paint this onto a stone for Trafalgar night table setting?

Clock face (##).

I painted a round hat box white and put this picture on the top. I hung it in my nautical themed bathroom on the wall above the toilet and stored toilet paper rolls in it . Convenient and a nice addition to the theme.

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Plate        Place of origin:        Fulham, England (made)      Date:        1898-1907 (made)      Artist/Maker:        De Morgan, William Frend, born 1839 - died 1917 (designer)      Passenger, Charles (painter (artist))      William De Morgan, Fulham Factory (maker)      Materials and Techniques:        Earthenware with lustre decoration


Plate (made) (designer) De Morgan, William Frend, Passenger, Charles (painter (artist) Earthenware with lustre decoration, V&A