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A close up vertical image of Pimpinella anisum (aniseed) growing in the garden fading to soft focus in the background. To the top and bottom of the frame is green and white printed text. Ideas, Planting Herbs, Herb Gardening, Growing Plants Indoors, Medicinal Herbs Garden, Herb Garden In Kitchen
How to Plant and Grow Anise
Anise is versatile in the kitchen, and you can use both the leaves and the seeds in a variety of recipes. It’s also valuable in the garden, attracting beneficial insects and driving away the bad ones. Learn all the details you need to succeed at growing this uncommon herb now on Gardener's Path. #aniseed #gardenerspath
leaves and stems of thyme Organic Gardening Tips, Growing Thyme, Growing Herbs At Home, Low Growing Shrubs, Thyme Plant
How to Grow Thyme in Gardens and Containers
Growing thyme in the home garden provides flavor for the table, but it’s also a versatile plant that can fill many needs in the landscape! Add this easy to grow herb to your herb garden or as a low landscape ground cover.
how to build a spiral herb garden step by step instructions for beginners and expert gardeners
How to Easily Build an Herb Spiral Garden
Building an herb spiral in your garden will create a dramatic focal point that will capture the attention of everyone who visits your garden!
purple flowers with the words 10 benefits of growing chives in front of them and a bee on top
10 Benefits of Growing Chives
Chives are a wonderful culinary herb, but they also have many other benefits in the spring garden and in the kitchen. Learn about ten different benefits of growing chives and why you should have them in your herb garden!
an image of sage in a jar with the title how to dry sage
How to Dry Sage
Learn how to dry sage to use in recipes year round. The leaves of this delicious herb can be air dried, oven dried, or put in a dehydrator. Check out how to dry sage leaves!
a cup of tea with berries on it and the words herb guide to rose hips
Herbal Guide to Rose Hips: the Hippest Fruit (with Amazing Health Benefits!)
Rose hips are typically a vibrant reddish-orange, but in some species hips can be dark purple or even black. They are tart and reminiscent of a zesty crabapple in flavor, although not quite as tasty. They are, however, prized for their health benefits and jam-packed with Vitamin C. #gardentherapy #ediblegardening #rosehips #edibleflowers #gardening #herbs
the cover of preserve your herbs 20 ways
20 Ways to Preserve Your Fresh Herbs!
20 delicious ways to preserve your fresh herbs so you can enjoy them all year long! We have recipes and techniques for all your favorite herbs: arugula, basil, chives, cilantro, thyme, mint, parsley, tarragon, and even lavender! From freezing and drying herbs to infusing and making pestos!
herbs and sachets on a table with the words herb sachets over them
Learn to make simple herbal sachets for your dresser drawer or to hang in your car. The subtle aroma of herbal sachets is calming and they're easy to make! #herbs #sachets #sew #sewing #adultcrafts #herbalsachets #lavender #garden #homemadegifts #mothersday
growing herbs in fabric pots by sabari's india tea garden - cover image
Growing Herbs in Fabric Pots: Step by Step -
One of the biggest things that can go wrong in growing herbs is overwatering. When you grow herbs in fabric pots though, the soil dries out at an even rate. This makes growing herbs in fabric pots super desirable and easy for any gardener. Growing herbs in fabric pots | How to use grow bags | Growing herbs in grow bags | Grow bags | Fabric Pots
several potted plants with the words grow a perennial herb garden anywhere
Grow Your Own Perennial Herb Container Garden - Garden Therapy
grow a perennial herb garden in any space - How to grow a Container Perennial Herb Garden with plants that come back year after year! #gardentherapy #gardening #herbs #growingherbs #garden #containergarden #perennials
purple flowers with the title how to propagate chives from seed garden's path
How to Grow Chives from Seed | Gardener’s Path
Looking to grow chives from seed? You’re in luck! They’re easy to propagate and before you know it, you'll be cooking with your own homegrown herbs. This article will give you everything you need to know, from seed saving tips to advice for getting seedlings started indoors or out. #chives #herbgarden #gardenerspath
basil leaves in a bowl with the words how to dry basil
How to Dry Fresh Basil for Flavor All Year Long
When your garden is producing an abundant crop of flavorful fresh basil, it’s time to learn how to dry basil, preserving this herb long-term.
white daisies with green text that reads english and german chamomile what's the difference? gardener's path
Differences Between English and German Chamomile | Gardener's Path
Have you heard of German, English, and Roman chamomile? Are they different? Join with us and find out which is most suitable for tea and which is better for flowering ground cover with our in-depth look on Gardener’s Path. #chamomile #herbgarden #gardenerspath