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That adorable cinnamon roll(sin-namon?) Simon is dominant and tough snobby bad boy Baz is submissive. (*ahem the part when they were making out and Simon got on all fours above Baz and made him lean up kiss him and Baz did!

Hugh Dancy - Hannibal Bloopers

He& a talented FBI, but he& also a puppy. Hugh Dancy did a great job on Hannibal *hoo-ray*

I was planning on doing the whole Carry On Countdown, but I got some really crappy family news so I´m not sure if I´ll actually manage to do so.

Forever my favorite post

They've talked about it? You mean its a legitimate possibility? Ohhhh myyy gosh <-- I am going to keel over and die now! I could not watch that show if they did JohnLock and not fangirl squee and hyperventilate every two seconds!

"Sher-" "Shut up." "But- " "I SAID SHUT UP."  "Sherlock, there's a reason why people think we're gay...."

BBC Sherlock Holmes / John Watson / Johnlock / gif / fanart / fan art / kiss / "Sher-" "Shut up." "But- " "I SAID SHUT UP." "Sherlock, there's a reason why people think we're gay.

<3 <3 <3 Martin Freeman Benedict Cumberbatch Hobbit set

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch at The Hobbit set. The fact that Ben travelled all the way to New Zealand to surprise Martin makes me super happy.

I pinned this because... Sherlock

I literally bawled my eyes out at that scene "One more miracle Sherlock Please don't be dead". It was the break I John's voice a the end in the scene that broke me!