a printable mash game with hearts and arrows on the side, in red
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Girls Galentines Party Game \\ CLASSIC MASH Game \\ Girls Birthday Party \\ Instant Download

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Fun game to play at Valentines Day Girls Party.
Classic game of MASH
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You can also request a Free customization bonus sign with your birthday girls name on it, like the one in the listing.
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Print one page per girl or player. Have each girl take time to fill the category spaces with any answer they choose. One girl will start by either rolling two dice, picking a card from a deck of cards OR someone will start to draw a swirl on the paper and the girl starting will say STOP. Counting from the center, add how many lines of the soil there are. However you decide to draw a number, that will be the counting MASH number.
Starting from the word MASH and working around the game board cross off every coordinating numbered entry. For example, if the swirl number was 5, you would count through and every fifth entry would get eliminated. Working around the board until all items are crossed off in a category. Once an item is crossed off, it is not counted again. Circle the last remaining item in each category and that will the answer for that category. The writer will then read the other player’s future outloud. The category MASH is Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House.
Then each girl can go around and read their fortune aloud!
Example, Becky will say, I am going to live in a Mansion in California, married to Mike with 2 kids..etc.
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