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Joaquin Phoenix - American actor, music video director, producer, musician, and social activist. Photo by Brigitte Lacombe

Tom C.

Young Tom Cruise was a hottie. Back in the Top Gun days before Scientology and jumping on Oprah's couch.

Joaquin Phoenix Famous Scorpio :)  #skorpio #Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix: Retiring from Movies at Age 34?

Joaquin Phoenix: great actor, great singer, sometimes politically incorrent (but part of his charm) & the most adorable man in the world! I love his beautiful green eyes!

Matthew McConaughey

I love this man! Matthew McConaughey is truly an inspiration & I'm proud to see such greatness in a fellow Texan!

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Many people assume that Joaquin Phoenix’s scar resulted from the surgical correction of a cleft palate, but Phoenix was actually born this way. His prominent scar was formed in utero as a mild form of cleft palate called a microform cleft.

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Joaquin-Phoenix-Commodus-Gladiator: In my opinion, one of the absolute best villains. He makes my skin crawl.