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Christopher's Animal Cell Project out of cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, nectarine, apple seeds and fruit roll ups! This was a tasty one to help make! :)

Plant Cell Cake

Plant cell cake #biology

Plant cell cake - science project

Animal Cell cake I made for a biology class project. Got 100%!

Plant cell model made into a cake for my son's school project

Edible animal cell project Circus peanuts- mitochondrion, fruit by the foot- smooth endoplasmic reticulum, sour ribbon- rough endoplasmic reticulum, snoball-nucleus, lemon head- lysosomes, gummy worm-golgi apparatus, twizzler- centrioles, sprinkle-ribosomes, icing to differentiate the membrane and cytoplasm, and cytoskeleton microtubules(dry spaghetti) will be added at presentation along with labels :)