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    Biology project animal cell cake

    Biology Lab: How Do Living Cells Deal With Changes in pH? Students will observe that living cells (liver and potato) can definitely adapt and adjust their environments when drops of acid or base is added. Living cells produce buffers to maintain a stable pH. This lab never fails to work properly and my students are always amazed at the ability of a living cell to maintain a stable pH. $

    Students were assigned an element and were instructed to create a superhero based on the element's properties.

    Plant cell cake This will come in handy someday

    At home cell project. Includes the student directions and rubric (free)

    Animal Cell Cake for Science Project - This is a cake made for a Science Project. It shows the anatomy of an animal cell. It is my 13-year-old's first attempt at decorating a cake. I helped out. The organelles are made of fondant and candy.

    This is a great project where students can make a cell model. The can use their creativity and make it out of any time of materials. There are cells made our of cake, clay, or play-do. Great way for students to learn about the different parts of a cell through creating, labeling, writing, and presenting to the class. Plant and Animal Cell Models Jennifer Guckenberger

    Assessment for Learning. Spread cups on table and have students race to correctly order, smallest to biggest. Great visual way to show levels of organization. This would also work for DKPCOFGS, sorting individual body systems parts, even the sequence of mitosis and meiosis, students could make their own sets and doodle diagrams on the cups.

    Human biology project- students use an apron to diagram the internal body systems #humanbio #visualaid #authenticassessment

    hehe forget the kids i'm doing this for me! cell biology model w/food

    How to Build an Animal Cell Model with Styrofoam and Clay (Week 3)

    I painted this for a High School Biology classroom :-) DNA in Biology room photo 31714e24.jpg

    Biology Labs, Activities, Videos, and Study Guides About Cells (Photosynthesis, Mitosis, Cell Organelles, and More)

    Crash Course videos on youtube are awesome! So far we've watched a couple of the Biology ones but they have history and literature as well as science. Best for middle school and up.

    The Simply Scientific Classroom: Middle School Science - Some great notebooking ideas...love the Q for guiding questions/reflections!

    Middle School Classroom Decorating Ideas | ... Classrooms / Schools / classroom decor ideas middle school - Google