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From AboutArtandCrafts website. Chinese knots are not usually used alone, but used in groups, as shown below from MarlaMallett .

Chinese knot is also known as the blind knot, forbidden knot and pekin knot. A loose knot is made around the needle and tightened to form a tighter knot. It is called blind knot as it caused blindness(eye strain) and hence the other name forbidden knot!

Illustrated Cross stitch, Needlecraft and Embroidery glossary. Section C: Cable chain stitch to Cut work

English knot instead of French knot. makes a true knot instead of a donut shaped knot.

English knot instead of French knot. makes a true knot instead of a donut shaped knot. Comment: I believe this is what I know as a candlewick knot. Directions available in candlewicking patterns popular some years ago.

The Forbidden Stitch in Chinese Embroideries

how to do several stitches used in Chinese Embroideries - seed stitch, 5 types of knot stitches, Pekinese stitch.

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The Portuguese stem stitch is another of the knotted stitches. You start with a basic stem stitch and then wrap your thread twice around t.

Cup stitch - it is a raised stitch mainly used in stump work.

Cup stitch - a raised stitch used in stump work. A foundation triangle is made and then looped stitches are made without entering the fabric again. More rows can be added to give greater depth.


chained feather stitch by Average Jane Crafter: My summer sampler (and a little red, white & blue)


zig zag coral stitch, Knotted Embroidery Stitches - From The "Samplers & Stitches" Handbook (By Mrs Archibald Christie, London

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