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Emond's Field is a village of farmers and craftsmen centrally located in the Two Rivers district.


Robert Jordan Wheel of Time map: The Thirteenth Depository - A Wheel of Time…

Whitebridge Map

Robert Jordan Wheel of Time - Whitebridge Map

Falme is a harbor on the Aryth Ocean which lays to the west. It is the largest town on Toman Head and on the Almoth Plain, though actually not very big, and is independent since the fall of Almoth.  The city was formerly known as Miereallen while a part of the nation of Safer during the Compact of Ten Nations.  The unwalled city contains streets of cobblestone, dark stone buildings, and docks also of stone. The city rises up from the high cliff slopes of the hollow that make the har

Falme is a city that lies at the far end of Toman Head. Falme is a harbor on the Aryth Ocean.



EWoT: Illian Illian is a country that lies in the far south of the Westlands, to the west of.