Serendipity! My favorite, adorable, meaningful word!

Great word: ser·en·dip·i·ty [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] noun an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. luck: the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.


my favorite word Serendipity: "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise", the accident of finding something good without looking.

You came into my life unexpectedly when I wasn't even looking for love and I'm glad you stayed <3

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And that's how this word ended up becoming my favourite, I was searching for something else on the dictionary and this word came along which gave meaning to a lot of things that happen to me whenever I'm not searching consciously for an answer.

It would be interesting to see how someone else views ME dealing with these things

A rainy day, lost luggage, tangled lights Rainy day: grab a book and a blanket; Lost Luggage: a good reason to shop! Tangled Christmas Tree lights: Time to sit back and take your time to enjoy the moment and remember what Christmas is really about.

It happens all the time :) If you encounter barriers, then you are on the wrong path.  Everything falls into place if you are on the right one.

Although, struggles may "seem" as though it is not meant, it is. Each moment leads to a greater moment.

The movie Serendipity best illustrates how “a fortunate accident” can in fact lead a person to the one he or she is destined for.

Serendipity - the art of making happy discoveries ~ I love the word serendipity.

★ Stay in tune with the Universe!  When things get too much ... get away from them, do something different and allow your inner self to guide you.   Music is good for the soul ... do you have a song to calm you?

Use your eyes to see! Use your ears to listen! Use all of your senses because you are receiving communication through them all!