Concorso Nuovo Ospedale di Novara « stefano boeri

200 foot setback is reductive destructive like teaching limiting the books that people can read in a library it is editing destroying freedom censorship in its worst form Concorso Nuovo Ospedale di Novara « stefano boeri

Useful distances to know for a walkable city experience....Barton et al, 2010

(Week Urban Principle 1 - Walkability) A city is charming because you see strangers while you walk along the streets. Walkability of the streets determines the degree of charm or drama you see and encounter when you pass by stores and houses of neighbors.

’Moscow – Towards a Great City for People’ produced by Gehl Architects

Jan Gehl's study of Moscow highlights 6 elements of a healthy transportation network. These regional factors are important to keep in mind at all times.

Landscape+Urbanism: Landscape Urbanism at Shelby Farms

The announcement for the Shelby Farms competition was forwarded to the firm I work for a mere couple of weeks before the due date, which wa.

Table/chair/stair/floor/bed//..// SOU FUJIMOTO

El Croquis 151 - SOU FUJIMOTO notice the third section up with the two woman, one is either getting a check up.


Urbanização do Jardim Colombo, em São Paulo, abre espaço para parque linear em área adensada e sujeita a cheias