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Tools used in fly tying. This image shows the basic devices needed to tie flies. It includes a whip finisher, bobbin, bodkin, bobbin threader, hackle pliers, hair stacker, half hitch tool, scissors, vise and hackle gauge.

Learn about various fly tying tools - An infographic can be found here with all of the required devices needed for tying flies of most varieties.

Fly Fishing Projects. Flies for spanish mountain streams. Art by Román García Mora.

I have compiled some examples of different projects related to fly fishing, from articles for Danica Magazine to t-shirt designs for Maxia Rods.



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Wanitamalas Want To Start Fly Fishing. Among the various fishing techniques, fly fishing is uniquely unique. This technique requires the expertise of .

Pesca con carnada #saltwaterfishinggear

Pesca con carnada #saltwaterfishinggear

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Given the relatively small size of its fly fishing population South Africa has produced some really outstanding books on the subject in the last twent.

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Wet flies have been around as long as fly fishing itself. Are they starting to see a renaissance? In fly tying circles at least, that may be the case, as tyers look for new challenges and new sources of inspiritaion.

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Such a long name for a simple, effective fly. This little beauty just looks like a bug and is eagerly taken by fish everywhere. Arising from the long heritage of the hare’s ear nymph, it has …