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    Brenda Skime
    • 1 yıl önce

    Scott Garlock Photography

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    Lovely all white...Sweet Victorian - for the "caged" one.

    If it's NOT haunted, it should be! Even the birds flying around it are creepy. Love the house though! So unique...

    Abandoned Plantation

    Second Empire Victorian homes have a ton of character. This is probably why most people think of them as haunted houses.

    old abandoned houses for sale in NC | Denver's Historic Phipps Mansion Up for Sale @ $9.2M...and Now

    Haunted Houses, real ones actually

    Abandoned. Florida Brevard County

    Old Blue Farm House With Round Cupola Abandoned

    I wonder who walked down this hallway and why are there windows on each side?

    the ruined Carleton Villa, Thousand Islands, in the St Lawrence Seaway, NY.

    I find abandoned places somewhat beautiful. The history and stories that only these walls are left to remember.

    The abandoned Palace of Prince Smetsky built in 1913 - Abkhazia, Georgia.

    Abandoned plantations | Belle Chase Plantation

    Victorian House, Chicago, Illinois

    Imagine this one . . .Wyndcliffe is an abandoned mansion in the town of Rhinebeck, New York. The scale of this place is absolutely enormous, and its style seems different from any of the other Hudson River estates. It inspired the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses" and is featured on the cover of a book on American ruins.