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Silence Will Fall by *naturalshocks

Tick Tock goed the clock, and all the years they fly. Tick tock goed the clock, your love shall surely die

Sunday Silence - 18x24 Acrylic Painting

Sunday Silence - Acrylic Painting by Shelly Asche (shadow and light are dramatic!

Someone painted this....holy flipping cow.

On this episode of 'whoa, hold up. I thought his was a picture'

No but I love this because it looks like someone in the audience said something bad, and Tom just doesn't understand but RDJ is just like "come at me bro".

Things I love about this picture: Tom Hiddleston's facial expression Robert Downey Jr. peering over his sunglasses That jacket.

Marble Sculptures by Matthew Simmonds...Ancient Greece, Alexander

RL British artist Matthew Simmonds carves detailed and solitary architectural interiors into a corner or side of a piece of marble leaving the natural edges of the rocks juxtaposed with his small, finished spaces.

Illusion - Surreal Portrait

Illusion - Surreal Portrait by Fh-Studio Media Productions , via Behance-- (idea for a photo quilt)

i think he is gonna be an awesome doctor!i loved 11 but 12 is gonna be great too :3 we are all gonna go thrue the cycle sad at 12,mad at 12, like 12, finally love 12 as the doctor,12 regenerates

Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who. Excited to see how he plays the Doctor!

Matt Smith, his arm vein could you just excuse me for a second while I take a breath.

If Matt Smith was be any sexier, there wouldn't be any sexy left for the rest of us.

Stunning Realistic Wildlife White on Black Drawings – Fubiz Media - created on 2016-04-01 17:45:49

Richard Symonds :: Stunning Realistic Wildlife White on Black Drawings, Tigers, lions and cubs sketches.

Wit krijt/conté op zwart papier

White on Black Drawing by Marilyn (Estonia).) days until the release of Game of Thrones season 4 in the UK! We at Vague cannot wait!

The Day of the Doctor: The TV Trailer - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - BBC One

The official trailer: The Day of the Doctor: The TV Trailer - Doctor Who Anniversary - BBC One. Sorry for all my geekiness.