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    Jenn Vandall
    • 2 yıl önce

    Yep, have felt like this after a semester or two! 😐

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    HAHAHA...Recently I have learned you shouldn't have to look for the good in people, if they are truly sincere they will show you with their actions.

    I'm worried that my guardian angel is a crack head

    haha too many people have this effect on me!!

    Ross: You really think we'll make it in time? Phoebe: Hey, I didn't have my license taken away because I drive carefully. Haha. Friends TV show quotes; Friends Season 10 finale.

    Almost daily! Scary :)

    Center of the Universe

    Short people problems 😳

    You never notice how dirty some music lyrics are until you hear your child singing it.

    Yes, it’s my fault you acted like a total jerk… I am the dickhead fairy and I sprinkled asshole dust on your head when you weren’t looking...

    One of my faves ❤️

    The only reason women are crazy is because men do stupid things to make us go crazy. No stupidity=no.

    *Friends quotes* One of my favorites!!

    .Too funny