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couch DIY- take a funny shaped chair (the weirder the better!) and re-upholster it with a printed, patchwork fabric for the ultimate boho armchair / sofa!

facilisimo.com Sofá de caixa de ovos

African-Inspired Furniture - The Binta Armchair by Moroso is clad in African fabrics and colors, taking you back to nature and culture. The actual chair itself is made from t.


inspiration -- turquoise table (w/ mismatched chairs painted the same color) for "formal" dinning room off the kitchen

Wandvakken zijn niet alleen geschikt als muurdecoratie maar zijn ook hartstikke handig als je je spullen mooi wilt opbergen. Wandvak Casale: https://kwantum.nl/catalog?params=fh_location%3d%2f%2fcatalog01%2fnl_NL%2f%24s%3dwandvak%26fh_lister_pos%3d0%26fh_refview%3dsearch%26fh_user_date%3d20151229%26user_time%3d12291334%26current_url%3d%252Fsearch%26fh_sort%3d-_match_rate%26fh_user_date%3d20151229%26channel%3dDesktop%26fh_secondid%3d1351019 #kwantum #diy #opbergen #opruimen #interieur…

Pequeña estantería con cajas de madera

fundas de punto

I& always had a thing for Aran sweaters, so this hand-knit Aran slipcover is sort of a dream come true! Plus it& machine washable. (Via Dude Craft.

Silla azul


This regal armchair by Italian furniture company Caspani will make you feel like a king or queen in your castle. The Throne armchair boasts an extra-high b

Transporta a tus invitados a los años 60 con esta fácil idea hippie. #party #hippie

▷ Fiesta Hippie ⇒ ¡Teletranspórtate a los años 60 con estas ideas!


Patchwork armchair with Suzani fabrics I want a room where a chair like this would fit nicely. A she-cave.