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Angry outbursts raise risk of heart attack and stroke. Stay calm and be healthy!

Angry outbursts raise risk of heart attack and stroke. Stay calm and be healthy!

Interesting but very weird

well that explains why I laugh really really loud when I'm tickled.// I kick when i'm being tickled.

Kids who are allowed to play freely have greater social success as adults. Unstructured play time allows children to develop the flexibility needed to adapt to changing circumstances and environments - an ability that comes in very handy when life becomes unpredictable as an adult.

Believing you've slept well even if you haven't improves cognitive ability. Type of placebo effect?

8 Interesting World Facts

Goes through the top 10 countries by GDP, the 10 countries with the most population, and the 10 countries with the highest and lowest population growth and then some more general facts about the world.

A new study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin reveals more evidence on the benefits of practicing self-affirmations.  My free guide "The Science of Self-Affirmations" also goes into several other recent studies on the benefits of these exercises on motivation, self-esteem, and relationships:

The "nasty effect" is when uncivil discourse leads to more polarized views. No matter what view you are expressing, always try to do it in a healthy and polite way.

Psychologists found speaking to yourself in the second-person, for example saying "You can do it!" instead of "I can do it!" improved effort and task performance.  It's always good to learn new things about how to improve our self-talk and affirmations - I'm looking forward to more research in the future!

Psychology Study: Emotional regulation is just as important as cognitive therapy in treating depression.

Bystander effect

bystander effect. I studied this. The study was initiated when Kitty Genovese was murdered in 1964 with tons of people walking by.

I do like to research them.  BTK is fascinating. ..he kinda threw everything we knew about them out the door

Psychological Fact: People who are fascinated by serial killers were rated 70 times more interesting conversationalists compared to those who are not. So I am more interesting to talk to.

These TED Talks are seriously worth your time.

15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

15 ted talks that will change your life. I've started listening to these each morning before work, and they have seriously changed my mind-set.