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We are often told how important it is to be there for our spouse or loved one when they are feeling down, but research shows it is just as important to be there when they are feeling good too. So when someone shares something about their day that made them happy or feel good, make sure you're actually listening and enjoying it with them.
Write a letter to your spouse for 25 days in December,  starting with the 1st and ending with Christmas day. Put them in a different spot each day so in the morning it becomes a fun way to start their day. Letter can be anything. Perfect for a spouse whose love language is words of affirmation <3 have fun! At the end put them together in a scrap book!
These are awesome questions to ask your spouse.  I highly recommend these!  (Page 3 of 5)
These are awesome questions to ask your spouse.  I highly recommend these!  (Page 2 of 5)
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What I Love About You books for him and her to journal in for each other. When you're all done answering questions about one another swap them and enjoy reading what your spouse has to say. Great to work on while being together. Just something to spice up your relationship and great to look back on!
Being married is hard work, even more so if you have a spouse who doesn't seem to care at all. Great tips and advice of how I got through a loveless marriage and How to Survive a Loveless Marriage
"Miss Me Envelope" perfect little gift for long distance relationships ! Make an envelope for your boyfriend/girlfriend and fill it with notes, doodles, drawings, keepsakes from past dates, etc. You can even decorate the envelope (like the inside flap) and write little cheesy sayings or inside jokes. Perfect way for someone to feel better when they're missing their significant other ♥ You can make them the envelope while you're apart, then give it to them next time you see each other. Then…