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Ace or demi, as far as I can tell.

as far as i can tell i am aro ace

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Not openly (working on that. some friends and anyone who bothers to read any of my social media knows though.

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Likes Loves Adores😍😍 which ever, never will stop 😍 loving this show!

me because my best fren is trans

This user hates transphobes and will not tolerate transphobic comments

La definición de asexualidad es "alguien que no experimenta atracción sexual hacia otras personas". Sin embargo, sólo tú puedes decidir la etiqueta que se adapta mejor a ti. La lectura de estas preguntas frecuentes y el resto del material en este sitio puede ayudarte a decidir si eres o no asexual. Si encuentras que la etiqueta asexual es la que te describe mejor, puedes optar por identificarte como asexual.

One of my best friends just came out as asexual aromantic and I hope everyone is always as supportive around him as right now. But, with trump normalizing bigotry I'm not so sure this will be the case .

aro/ace jokes. http://acejokes.tumblr.com/

K but what about the Pansexual are we like the forgotten house that nobody knows or are we with the bisexuals in ravenclaw? I mean I actually am a Gryffindor but I'm not straight in the slightest. so id // Yup I'd still want to be a male slytherin

Double dog dare you, but you won't because you know it's true.

Double dog dare you, but you won't because you know it's true. <<An interesting thought.