Paper tube snowflakes.

See the great tutorial for making paper towel or bathroom tissue tube snowflake ornaments that Ashley sent in featured on her blo…

Snowmen made with three stacks of yarn, spool for hat, buttons, and staight pins. Too cute! Gonna make!

DIY Twine Snowman-- Easy winter decoration with craft supplies (you can still use them when the season is over!

ArtMind: Guest post: Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Spike Bow

ArtMind: Guest post: Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Spike Bow diy-and-gifts

DIY, Crafts & Other Projects: 40 + Fun Toilet Paper Roll - Craft Projects - Collection

40 + Fun Toilet Paper Roll – Craft Projects – Collection (I suspect you could use paper towel rolls too.

30 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas/ Holidays

30 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas/ Holidays

Elegant gift wrapping idea - glitter snowflake gift wrapping, a pack of glitter snowflakes at the dollar store that would work perfectly for this

Package Wrapping Idea

Images gift wrapping present idea fun easy unique newspaper bow tutorial step by step beautiful craft diy christmas holiday recycle kids wedding family collection birthday christmas anniversary festival inspiration in Good ideas christmas gift wrapping

Pattern from Martha Stewart.  Tried it and it turned out beautiful but some letters are more difficult than others...

DIY Beaded Letter Gift Toppers A large, sparkling monogram is a beautiful way to personalize a special present. How to Make the Beaded Letter Gift Toppers

DIY: The Scent Of Christmas Gift-In-A-Jar - citrus slices, cinnamon sticks & spices in a jar, topped & labeled. Great gift idea.

The Scent of Christmas: 2 lemon wedges 1 lime slice 2 orange slices 3 cinnamon sticks Tbsp. whole cloves 3 bay leaves -Pour contents into saucepan on stove-top and simmer on low heat, add water as needed. Refrigerate to keep fresh.


Festive and natural Christmas gift wrap. Kraft paper, twine and sprigs of evergreen and red berries. Tie it together and accent with a jingle bell.-did this last year! All of my presents looked amazing, added red plaid ribbons here and there.

Cute idea.  I wouldn't do it for all presents it could get expensive buying all of the ribbon. Going to start looking for ribbon that is on clearence.

Dressing Up a Present with Wrapping Paper

Using the thinner ribbon, go in between the thicker ribbon making a basket weave. Tie the thin ribbon ends together in a knot on the back. Add a letter initial of the birthday person

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The White Bench: Creative Christmas Wrapping Green.Using Kraft paper,Burlap,Jute then embellish with Rusty Snowflake purchased at the craft store.

Although we usually write about creative wrapping solutions around the holidays, we thought it might be a great thing to brush up on with weddings and baby showers in full swing. We've always been a big fan of using wrapping that will work for any event and these 4 fresh ideas from the D.Sharp Journal fit the bill. Check out more info on these great projects, made simply and inexpensively, after the jump...

Bestow: 4 Simple Wrapping Ideas For Any Occasion

Decorating gifts with paint chip garland; I've always wanted to do something with the variety of colors you can get paint chips in. Never thought of making garland!

Получать подарки всегда приятно. А подарку, изысканно и изобретательно упакованному, будут радоваться вдвойне. Картонные или бумажные коробочки, бонбоньерки, пакетики помогают красиво приподнести купленную вещь. Предлагаю подборку идей упаковки подарка, идей оформления и украшения подарочной коробки. Итак, смотрим! Можно завернуть презент в бумагу или положить в специально сделанную коробку.

This is perfect for Father's Day. Instead of giving the common tie gift. Wrap it with a different tie each year and still have a little present! Even bow ties, or suspenders!