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Flower Petal Printing: Nature Process Art

Published on May 28, 2021
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Difficulty: Easy
Here’s a fun way to capture some of that wondrous splash of color from your flower garden on paper. Experiment with different flowers and leaves. We found that marigolds and parsley made the most vibrant colors.
    What you’ll need:
    • flowers,
    • paper,
    • wax paper,
    • a pounding object such as a tree cookie or small stone
    • Arrange the flower petals on the paper.
    • Lay a piece of wax paper over the petals and gently pound with your "hammer".
    • The longer you pound the more color will be imprinted onto your paper!
    • Carefully remove the wax paper and brush off the remaining petals, revealing the colors and shapes left behind by the flowers.
    Try variations:
    • Try out different objects for pounding.
    • Try different color combinations to see how they mix
    This activity focuses on the process of exploring the colors from different plants and flowers, but you can use the colored paper creatively in many ways. For example:
    • framed art
    • collage background
    • book marks
    • bulletin board background
    • journal cover
    • greeting cards
    This project was photographed on an Outlast Table from Community Playthings. Find Outlast Tables at communityplaythings.com > Outdoor

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