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Now I know why they called it Wonderland...

Now I know why they called it Wonderland...

The many drugs of Wonderland.don't get the crystal meth one but it's crazy how these are all true!

ahora todo es distintamente hermoso, ahora todo tiene sentido... lsd

As our consciousness changes, so does what we see. We are never-ending fractal beings spinning at fathomless speeds throughout the universe. When we move into that consciousness, the world becomes psychedelic, iridescent, prismatic.


I chose this pin becuase it caught my attention immediately through its retro and psychadelic aesthetics. I really like surrealist art, and I feel as though it represents my love for exploration and good times. Also, space is pretty sweet.

Love all the little details in this beautiful painting titled 'Gardener and The Centre of The Universe' by artist Jana Brike (