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Look Who's Turning 40 | JOAQUIN PHOENIX | Don't expect Phoenix to become more mellow as he enters his fourth decade on Oct. 28. Whether trying out a rapping career or jumping on the man-bun bandwagon shortly after falling in love with his Siri-like pal in Her, the Oscar nominee always keeps us on our toes. "In private, I live a very quiet life," the famous vegan has said. "I’ve never bungee-jumped. I’ve never sky-dived out of a plane. But in my work I like that intensity. My extreme sport is…

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Joaquin Phoenix - vegan and animal rights activist

Joaquin Phoenix - vegan and animal rights activist. Narrator of the life changing documentary Earthlings

Love him! I love that scar on his lip :)

I hate rumors as much as the next guy, but this one's actually growing some legs. Joaquin Phoenix could play Lex Luthor in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN.