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Veiled Woman

Veiled Woman

‏مَ زلتُ على باب هواكِ صائماً ‏زخي على مسامعي لحونكِ العذراءِ ‏فَ صوتكِ مزماري و رتلي بيدكِ على صدري ‏كي تنبضَ أوتاري

La Bruja del Páramo

Hijab is not oppression. Hijab allows a woman to show her true beauty, the beauty that is her character.

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Skye さんの Arena Drama ボードのピン

(Extra) This is a picture of a Muslim women in the Middle East wearing the traditional nigab. This is Muslim clothing, they also have to cover there body not just there heads.

#Hijab #Niqab #Modernism #Veil #Liberalism_and_Hijab #sowayba_azhar #sowayba_says #Sayeda_Sowayba_Azhar

#Hijab #Niqab #Modernism #Veil #Liberalism_and_Hijab #sowayba_azhar #sowayba_says #Sayeda_Sowayba_Azhar

Is The Veil A Symbol Of Oppression? Facts and Infographic - 67th Fryday Poll - Facts & Infographic

Is The Veil A Symbol Of Oppression? Facts and Infographic - Fryday Poll - Facts & Infographic

"We will be in every street, in every houseblock. We will spread like mice, gnawing till their palaces fall!"

Hijab Notes (2) History of Hijab Around The World

بعض الطرق نسُلكها

بعض الطرق نسُلكها

I have immense respect for my hijab and niqabi sisters, but I resent the fact that the image of a devout practicing Muslim has been boiled down to only those who practice hijab or some other form of veiling.

The Politicization Of Hijab And Other Forms Of Veiling In Both The Western And Muslim Worlds