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Love this so much

Ltd. Edition - Grandma's House Rules

Lincoln Vs Kennedy: Coincidences I Think Not- Always thought this was interesting in high school. One of very few history items I can seem to remember.

Funny coincidence history about John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. But Lyndon B. Johnson was president upon Kennedy's assassination, not Andrew Johnson.history repeats itself in a weird way.

Is it bad that I want to do some of these things??... giggling.. <3

To do list continued. Is it sad that I want to do all of these things?

These are the kinds of jokes you learn as a kid when you're just learning to tell jokes. However some are actually pretty clever.

The 25 Best Two-Line Jokes Ever. #14 Is Priceless.

I can read your mind.

Funny pictures about Pick a number. Oh, and cool pics about Pick a number. Also, Pick a number.


Yeah if a creep asks me my number I'll probably punch him imma just do this to mah friends as a prank. << YES XD

15 Really Funny Short Stories

15 Really Funny Short Stories