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Cat bridge 1m50

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⚠️ New⚠️
A new attraction for cats filled with sensations that will become your companion's favorite animation.😍
your cat needs to play and this spend for are balance. 🎢
Let him express himself and jump on the bridge of Indiana Jones he will finally be able to create his world in height.😺
And make your daily life an adventure!!️
delivery possible, everything is done artisanally 😍 for the pleasure of our cats ✌️
Several colors to choose from😉😏 do not hesitate to ask for information 🙂
Our bridges are received mount with squares screws the shelves the sisal rope and paint of choice.
"Equequerre and standard screw" we still recommend Molly's Chevilles, if you have Placo ☺️
WARNING: For our American customers and free shipping, we need to send our decks in kit. You'll have to show them at home. Thank you for your understanding.
There are some signs that will alert you to your cat if you are unhappy.
1 He neglects himself.
2 He urinates everywhere.
3 He's just sleeping.
4 It feeds less and less or more.
5 He pulls out his hair.
6 He changes his behaviour.
An ill-being not to be minimized
You come home later, you leave him alone longer, the children don't play with him as often anymore... All these situations that may seem innocuous to you can nevertheless lead to a feeling of abandonment, rejection and ill-being in your feline. Do not neglect this silent feeling because once installed, it can turn into a real depression difficult to treat.
In addition to a dining area with a bowl, a rest area and toys at his disposal, it is very important to bring your cat high places where he can rest or take refuge when he wants to be quiet.
Cats can jump very high, up to 5 times their height without taking any momentum. They are very agile animals. Their claws and balance, brought by the tail, allow them to get out of all kinds of situations.
Even domesticated, cats instinctively feel this need to climb and be in height, quite simply.
Our cat bridges have become indispensable to the well-being of your cat, and will change his daily life considerably to fun with a touch of adventure of safety and moral comfort.