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Lmaooooooo Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha who is it that wrote about me in this? <<<<<< Loki and Moriarty!!!!!

How people react when I tell them my favorite character from Sherlock is Moriarty

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Abc: well anyways after he defeats the villa- Bbc: defeats the villain? Kill them both off and bring them back to life! Abc: umm no? Bbc: but then you get to watch the fandom suffer! Abc: no Bbc: youre boooring

Yeah... And we have to watch them falling totally in love with Other fictional characters/Other crazy attractive people

This is SOOO accurate. I HATE hipsters when they think love hurts THEM when it hurts US all the time

It all makes sense now!Superhero origin of tom hiddleston's extraordinary kindness! I knew kindness like that wasn't natural.

I love this

<--- I understood that reference! (and yes i did just make a reference to another fandom to explain i understood a reference to this fandom)

Um...Annabeth Chase, Luna Lovegood, Bilbo Baggins, Marvin the Depressed Robot, John Watson, Charlie Bradbury, Donna Noble, Black Widow, etc. What the heck does this say about me??

PERCY Jackson Leo Valdez Jason grace Thalia grace clove from Thomas newt Minho and Gally brenda.

Vacations well spent

Vacations well spent

< Percy Jackson and the Infernal Devices I will have you know in those three books I only cried times!<< The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments

I can't eat Nutella, ate a whole bowl when I was younger because I was obsessed with it and now I'm sick of it

Hahahaha things that everybody who is ever going to be a directioner needs to understand! If I had known this before I saw the boys on X-Factor. Lol I love these boys more than I love sleep and that's that!

*tune if song* Benedict Cumberbatch. A British actor with a hedgehog friend, Benedict Cumberbatch

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The is literally the thing I do every single night before I go to sleep. --> I'm not sure I can fall asleep without doing that anymore.>>> I have found my people