Kaftan uzerine folyo çalışmam

Kaftan uzerine folyo çalışmam


Turkish Art, Sim, Kaftan, Goldwork, Pewter, Ottoman, Ceramic Pottery, Traditional, Embroidery

Виктор Громов

Short Sleeve Appliqued Kaftan of Murad III. Identical in pattern to a century Kaftan associated with Suleyman III except their lengths are different and this one had Banded closures and the later one just buttons.


String Art, Needlework, Rage, Feltro, Xmas, Handicraft, Drinkware, Kitchens, Embroidery

Turkish Art, String Art, Sim, Ceramic Art, Motifs, Arabesque, Rock, Outfit, Embroidery

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Ottoman prince wear (shahzadah) use wood & felt .