tornado of color

One of the most terrifying images I've ever seen, this is unexplained except for the caption "they said it wouldn’t happen here. Perhaps Beirut, Lebanon, via photographer Joe Kesrouani

Beautiful and Terrible:  The Bridge Creek F5 Tornado of May 3, 1999 lasted for 3 days.  At 318 mph, this tornado was the most powerful windstorm ever recorded on the planet.

The 1999 Bridge Creek Tornado: On May a tornado outbreak lasting for 3 days, began with a bang, when an formed at about PM local time. This tornado was the most powerful windstorm ever recorded on Earth,

Tornado, 2005  (The quiet of dissolution)  Sonja Braas

sonja braas - tornado, 2005 series “the quiet of dissolution”, photography.

Storm Clouds

I know it sound crazy but I would love to go Tornado hunting one day ( on the Bucket List). /So pretty, looking from a distance, love this picture, hey, I'd love to go storm chasing myself EL.

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Have a positive evening! /Позитивного вам вечера, дорогие!

Happy rainbow with birds.amazing, it looks like the moon! Looks like a big smiley face to me.


Hurricane Katrina facts are some interesting facts about hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina is a large tropical cyclone that struck the southeast United

Plasma "tornadoes" moving across the surface of the sun. Each of these is the size of planet Earth, gusting at 300k mph & 15k degrees F.

The Earth-Sized Tornado Moving Across The Sun At 300,000 Miles Per Hour