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What a fabulous picture. Don't know what it is from. Valley of the Dolls - The Musical???

++ MEDICINE SOUL ++ Music therapy as a non pharmacological intervention.well that's what this picture makes me think of!

My thumb print.

Music is in my dna! would be awesome to use someone you love's fingerprint and notes from a song that makes you think of them, incorporated into a tattoo.

"mientras llegas a destino, disfruta del camino" / enjoy the ride travelling to destination  http://www.inessaavedra.com

I hear the train a coming. clever juxtaposition in this photo art diorama between guitar fret and railway lines to evoke the image of the sound of blue grass, country blues music cool music poster art great festival tshirt picture

Rudolf Steiner believed that people understand each other in reference to rhythm. He attributed rhythm to will and associated melody with feeling. Through melody, our conscious mind opens up to feelings and this forms a head-heart connection, by which relating to oneself and to the world becomes a more dynamic and complete experience. Our feelings are orchestrated by harmony.

A woman holding a violin approaching a piano key staircase to heaven.

Amazing tiny violin shop made from an actual violin! AND they are all playable!

This violin makers shop by W. Foster Tracy, is a miniature built inside a full-size violin. It was on display at the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, Tucson, Arizona. All completed instruments and tools are fully functional in this model.

There is just something beautiful about this. (:

A great way to learn more about the piano is to take the panels or music desk off. This is a great idea for students as well. It helps someone learning to play understand what happens in-between a note being hit and the melody singing out.

Fire Violinist

Emryn playing the violin in her dream. She uses music and elements in her dreams to express her pleasure. She can't play the violin in real life, but she loves to write music.

Kushandwizdom - Inspirational picture quotes

After closing my 20 years of business 6 months ago, I finally set up my Marantz turntable and feel exactly like this.I've got a nice eclectic vinyl collection. I fall in love with old albums all over again!

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A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. ~Leopold Stokowski For Real. So true!