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Random pic of the night is how to properly exterminate spiders.Very funny but accurate.

I'd get on one knee fight there on the spot. Wouldn't give her time to set her rifle down .

We need more women that hunt. So take your wives and your daughters any chance you can.

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You're A Blizzard Harry...#funny #lol #lolzonline

You're A Blizzard Harry...#funny #lol #lolzonline

▲ Something like a blog - Çeşitli platformlarda “wtf!” yerine kullanmak...

Te delivery truck was delivering the sewing machine to the young boy going to prom with his girl who loves to sew. But the truck skid down the hill and fell in the water. The young boy then jumped in to the truck to get the sewing machine.

Sounds like my oldest daughter, Annsley!  Very opinionated about hunting

My entire reason behind hunting. You think killing an innocent animal is cruel? Buying meat from a grocery store is cruel - how they are treated and what they are injected with while living their 'life'.