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Personagens de desenhos animados tatuados

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this is someone's drawing of a girl he keeps seeing but no one else notices her nor does she ever acknowledge anyone. He believes he's going crazy (she's actually what clarity is- talk to DD about)

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Caperucita Roja, basada en una foto de la que no encuentro los...

modern red riding hood illustration print Jose Luis Agreda — Simplicity and clarity of design in illustration with great sense of characters.


Daniel Clarke is a Cape Town, South Africa – based artist with an excellent illustration style. Although the majority of his work is comic related, Daniel has a great deal of various other pieces in his gallery.

Ya comprendi, hay k pasar página ponerle una sonrisa al mundo i no mirar hacia atrás                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

cute Black and White anime japan kawaii school manga manicure Anime girl Gyaru shoujo shojo:

And although she was beaten down and tired, she still tried to make sunshine out of black clouds for the people she loved.