Fall flower arrangement in mercury glass vase using pomegranates, cranberries & figs. By Vibrant Flowers in Portland, Oregon @Vibrant Flowers

Flowers by Vibrant Flowers of Vibrant Table Catering and Events. Portland, Oregon Fruits, vegetables and flower arrangement.

A china vase holds 'Ben Huston,' 'Old Gold,' 'Anries' Orange,' 'Prince Noir,' and 'Jomanda' dahlias

Dahlia Arrangements

Arrangement of Dahlia Varieties-A china vase holds 'Ben Huston,' 'Old Gold,' 'Anries' Orange,' 'Prince Noir,' and 'Jomanda' dahlias creating a beautiful and lush fall arrangement.

Flowers displayed in jam jars and placed on tea cup saucers.

My Fair Lady - Jam Jar Posy Trio's

Aside from the layers of warm bedding, changing up your decor is a great way to celebrate the fall season. Use items like throw blankets, decorative pillows, and layered area rugs to tie in the autumn color palette. A soft sheepskin rug is a great way to add warmth to bedside floor space. Give walls the autumn treatment with beautiful wreaths — then use candles to add a welcoming fragrance to the room. Find everything you need to give your home a Fall Decor refresh at Overstock.com.

How to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for Fall

Turn your summery bedroom into a snug fall haven with these festive decorating tips and tricks.