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♂ Masculine & Elegance man's fashion wear man with silver hair Aiden Shaw by Stéphane Gallois for Le Figaro.

Den Look kaufen:  https://lookastic.de/herrenmode/wie-kombinieren/sakko-langarmhemd-chinohose-einstecktuch-guertel-armband/1632  — Rotes gepunktetes Einstecktuch  — Weißes und dunkelblaues Langarmhemd mit Vichy-Muster  — Dunkelblaues Sakko  — Beige Chinohose  — Roter und dunkelblauer horizontal gestreifter Segeltuchgürtel  — Braunes verziert mit Perlen Armband

Love the red in the belt and the pocket square. Can do without the bracelet though. Wear the bracelet with a matching brown belt without the red pocket square for a different but equally smart look.

サイ(Scye)2017年春夏コレクション Gallery20

サイ(Scye)2017年春夏コレクション Gallery19

サイ(Scye)2017年春夏コレクション Gallery20


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David Gandy

Tweed, tweed tweed god I love tweed. Not just for the millionaire horse owners anymore. Tweed just scream class. Throw in a flat cap and a scarf and you're ready to take on winter in style. -Not a big fan of tweed but looks good here.