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Red Nudibranch by mattk1979, via Flickr

Red Nudibranch, most diverse, delightful little sea snails with their little lungs, looking like a tree.huh dress of amazing colors!

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Santa Barbara Janolus nudibranch on the reef at Anacapa Island, California, off the coast of Ventura (by divindk)

Colorful Sea Creatures | tumblr_mdnmcpWF2Q1rxyvj1o1_500.jpg

This is Nembrotha cristata, a colourful sea-slug found in the tropical Indo-West Pacific Ocean. They grow to about in length and have black bodies with a strange luminous green "trim". They deliver a painful sting.

Nudibranch ( Hypselodoris apolegma )(Risbecia apolegma) by Eva

Nudibranch ( Hypselodoris apolegma )(Risbecia apolegma) "say that three times fast"

Beautiful Nudibranchs: Colorful Sea Slugs.

Beautiful Nudibranchs: Colorful Sea Slugs

Beautiful Nudibranchs: these amazing things feed on poisonous jellyfish- cray huh?

nudibranch. It attracts predators to its but with all the fluffy decorations, that way if they bite it, it won't die.

Nudibranch: Nudibranches are members of what is now a taxonomic clade, and what…

Acanthodoris pilosa - photo by Jim Anderson, via nudibranch.org;  "A. pilosa is easily distinguished from other British nudibranchs by its overall 'fluffy' appearance, caused by the presence of long, soft papillae all over the back of the animal."  It is common all around the British Isles and from NE America to the Mediterranean.

Acanthodoris pilosa is a species of sea slugs, dorid nudibranch, shell-less marine gastropod molluscs in the family Onchidorididae

Ping-Pong Tree Sponge in the Mariana Trench, the Deepest Place in the World

The aptly named Ping-pong tree sponge (Chondrocladia lampadiglobus) is a carnivorous sponge. Those ping-pong ball looking things are covered in tiny spicules which the sponge uses to catch tiny crustaceans.

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Chromodoris quadricolor Nudibranch See plenty in Mozambique and Sodwana, South Africa