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【香港攝影大師】何藩 – 手機攝影同學會

Yet, despite the bustle associated with Hong Kong, Ho's images reflect stillness and serenity. His mastery of the street photography genre has led many to call him the 'Henri Cartier-Bresson of the East,' a reference to the iconic French photographer.

Hong Kong Yesterday - FAN HO

Fan Ho is a celebrated Hong Kong photographer and film director. From the Laurence Miller Gallery: “ Whether it is the slums of Hong Kong, its pulsing city streets, or a light-filled stairwell, the.

O fotografo FAN HO fez fotografias fantásticas das ruas de Hong Kong nos anos de 1950. FAN HO é um dos mais amados fotógrafos de rua da Ásia, capturando o

Fotografia: as ruas de Hong Kong dos anos 50 por FAN HO

Award-wining photographer Ho Fan has been shooting black and white street photography in Hong Kong since the Fan Ho worked in various movies and has a