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<3 I pinned this months ago in gray because I thought it was such a wonderful message, but it seems this color just adds to my happy.

I am accused of being two faced and fake but truth of it is that you know I don't like you. I just don't see the point in being cruel and saying the mean things in my head. It is called being a civil adult.

You shouldn't judge what type of girl someone is by the clothes they wear. rs. That's disrespectful, ignorant, and childish. #grow up #besmart

FEMINIST VIBES: This is true. As much as I wish women would respect themselves more and dress adequately. So yes, all women should be respected regardless of their clothes.

We are stronger together than apart. It's time we women claimed back our place in this world which is being destroyed by the masculine, & help bring back balance, love, beauty, & truth.The Feminine way! For more info please VISIT link

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