beautiful blue eyes

Florence Lee Gray Chestnut brown hair, pushed back with a vibrant blue headband. The colour of her headband was nothing compared to her sparkling blue eyes. Dusty freckles splashed across her face.

Red hair & blue eyes

Pretty Faces & Redheads Too! I am a guy who appreciate the simple beauty of so many pretty faces.

desi bridal indian bride groom wedding photography dulha dulhan Beautiful Indian bride.

mividayyo: “ art-and-dream: “ Fashion photography wonderful style by Oleg Tityaev ” mividayyo: Bellísima. ”

Stunning construction - blue eyed girl, makeup gives her dark-brown skin, with bronze-whitish lips, nails, eyes in contrast to the black silk fabric draping her face. 'Yulia' by Oleg Ti photographer.

She is Gorgeous...

In love with this Indian Bridal Makeup Look. The perfect lashes for this bride would be ESQIDO Voila Lashes here! It will provide her with full and soft looking lashes to compliment the smokey eye makeup look.

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Beautiful portrait of a woman with complete heterochromia - different colored eyes. By an unknown artist.