Painting by Henri Matisse (1869-1954), 1946, Interior in Yellow and Blue, Oil on canvas.

Henri Matisse, Interior in Yellow, 1946 Style: Expressionism His drawings became bolder, the contour line thicker, the forms even more simplified and devoid of detail.


Sleeping Woman (also known as The Dream) Henri Matisse - 1939 Private collection Drawing - charcoal

Henri Matisse.  "Jeune fille aux anémones" 1944

Henri Matisse Jeune fille aux anémones sur fond violet, signed and dated ‘H. Matisse (lower left), oil on canvas, x in. Painted in Vence in March 1944

Matisse, Red Interior, Still Life on a Blue Table, 1947

Painting with scissors: Matisse’s cut-outs at Tate Modern

Henri Matisse - Fauvisme - Red Interior, Still Life on a Blue Table, 1947

Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954): Odalisque, Blue Harmony (L’Odalisque, harmonie bleue), 1937.

Henri Matisse (French, - Odalisque, Blue Harmony (L’Odalisque, harmonie bleue) - 1937

Henri Matisse - Interieur met zwarte varen

Interior With Black Fern Henri Matisse Date: 1948 Style: Expressionism Genre: interior Media: oil, canvas Dimensions: x 117 cm Location: Private Collection