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Sculpt Your Body in Six Easy Moves: Workouts: Self.com : Elite trainers gave us a cool anatomy lesson: To sculpt the sexiest cuts, contours and lines, you need to zero in on some surprising muscles. Here's how. #SELFmagazine

Sculpt Your Body in Six Easy Moves

Sculpt Your Body in Six Easy Moves: Step Want a cute butt dimple? Work the gluteus medius with the 'Knee Side Plank.' Click through for how to do the move!

Side Plank Workout

dance workout Side Plank Circuit - Do each move for 30 seconds. When you’ve gone through the sequence, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat twice more for a total of three rounds

Prison Workout: Complete this circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes to burn fat and build lean muscle fast! Circuit: 10 squats, 10 regular pushups, 10 lunges (on each leg), 10 narrow (triceps) pushups, and 10 jump squats. #fitness #fit #motivation #inspiration #fitspiration

Go Full Body: do dynamic moves that target your whole body. Plank Crunch, Atlas Body Chop, Side Bend Squats, Plie with Calf Raise, Easy Knee-tuck Crunches Go Full Body: do…

Nine Slimming Kettlebell Moves: Work arms, butt, abs, and hamstrings with the 'Burning Bridges' move #SelfMagazine

Nine Slimming Kettlebell Moves

Kiss pounds away, Megan Hilty-style. The *Smash* star sculpted her sexy curves with this fast, effective kettlebell routine.

Best Exercises To tone hips, thighs, gluts workin-on-my-fitness

Plank Booty Leg Lifts

Muscle definition workout. Pistol squats, dumbbell lunges, crunches etc.

Muscle definition workout

Ejercicios - Fitness - The Muscle Definition Builder Full Body Gym Workout – Wish you had more defined muscle? This workout will give you that fit, defined look you crave.

This variation of the side plank works your core even harder to reveal your flat abs fast! #abs #exercise | Health.com

Get Toned in 10 Minutes


Lying Double Leg Lift: Work the outer thigh on one leg while working the inner thigh on the other during this simple lifting exercise.

Walk The Plank Workout - Here is a fun plank workout that you can do to strengthen your core and feel tight before laying out in the sunshine. Try this on the beach for an added challenge, you won’t b

Walk the Plank Workout. Having a personal trainer and physical therapy due to a bad back, I know plank exercises are the best core exercises.

Four-Minutes-a-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than a Month

Four-Minutes-a-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than a Month

10 Toughest Core Exercises To Flatten Your Belly

Gold Medal Abs: 8 serious ab moves from top Olympic trainers that will score you a rock-solid middle. Check out the website to see

Beginning Weight Lifting Routine For Women | LIVESTRONG.COM

Beginning Weight Lifting Routine for Women

Muscle Power: Building muscle through strength training helps give your metabolism an upward bump. While how much is unclear, one thing is known: muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat. (Depending on whi

Best Workouts For Your Body Type: Hourglass Figure | Women's Health Magazine

Curves Ahead: Toning Your Hourglass Figure

Curves Ahead: Toning Your Hourglass Figure: Get your hourglass figure in traffic-stopping shape - Move 06 - Glute Bridge with Triceps Extension - Tones: Butt, core, and triceps.




Pin for Later: The Secret to Beating Your Saddlebags For Good Plank Booty Leg Lifts

Plank Booty Leg Lifts

These plank booty leg lifts work out your tush and the back of your thighs at the same time: Lie on your belly on an exercise ball, and walk your hands out so