Bottled Creatures -  by Emma Lazauski, via Behance All of them are really cool looking but this one is my favorite! I would love to get something like this

Makes me think of all the creatures bottled and sold for medicine) Bottled Creatures - by Emma Lazauski, via Behance

Emma Lazauski

Watercolor, gouache and felt pen Over a certain size of painting, the time it takes to make a smooth wash look good seems to skyrocket for me. Mostly because I need to allow a lot of time for prope.

by Emma Lazauski

Done by Emma Lazauski. Her watercolor works are beautiful and there are plans of publishing book of bottled creatures! Thanks to my boyfriend I found out this marvelous illustrator.


inklingart: Quick color sketch today… We found the Gnome nearly downing himself in eggnog. Something about some giant stealing his red hat / white beard “thing.” Had to put him in a jar a while for his own safety. Happy Holidays everyone!