Cheat sheet for ringlets

Recently I posted a cute pattern for the Giant Octopus amigurumi - you had to make a bunch of crocheted curls in that pattern. I then found this great resource over at - a crocheted curly cue sampler - how to choose the best curl.

堆糖-美好生活研究所  Wish I could understand the language.  Pinned but NOT sure it;s free - so fantastic.  Will watch to see if Pinterest deletes it.  Sadly, people do "share" paid patterns all over the net.

прибавка - 2 Maschen in eine цифра кол-во СБН - 3 zusammenhäkeln в одну петлю - 3 Maschen in eine cc - соединительный столбик - Kettmasche

Nelly El Yapımı: Dev Tavşan ve açıklama

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