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Please share this with people who need it. (Not funny; I just wanted to make sure those who needs this see it. ) Website is http://imalive.org

I’m so glad I found this…

Please share this with people who need it because we don't always know what others are going through. But be strong, my nerds. << please share this on your most popular boards!

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if anyone is contemplating suicide, please don't. You may not realize how many people do love you, and love does get rid of all types of evil. Stay strong, everyone.

Movie Theater Employee Gives Regular Coke Instead Of Diet, And Here’s How Internet Responds.... also, i see things where people are like 'lol, i spit in food, if food falls on floor, i pick up and put on plate, lololol' DONT FUCKING DO THAT!! I SHOULdnt have to share that my brother has cancer and the chemo surpresses his immune system to not have you be an asshole. Food service, allergies,

Movie Theater Employee Gives Regular Coke Instead Of Diet, And Here’s How Internet Responds

Movie Theater Employee Gives Regular Coke Instead Of Diet, And Here’s How Internet Responds<<why the heck is this even a thing? There shouldn't be so many people able to rattle off stories like this 😣

Always keep moving forward; you never know what might happen. Some of the best years of my life came right after some of the worst

I feel like this a lot when I have bad months and then really high months right after

I don't know that All hotel clerks would understand or know but I think a quick explanation would clear it up and this is a really good idea.

This needs to be spread: suicide line staffed entirely by transgender people, for transgender people. This is a fantastic idea that will help so many people. Sorry it's getting pinned EVERYWHERE. Please excuse the flood.

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The US now has a suicide hotline specifically for transgender individuals. Spread the word.

Thank you~ We all need to be kind to one another and not bring people down about things they can't help.

ok so quite a while back I asked an acquaintance about the scars on her arms bc I just thought it was nice to show support and now I feel absolutely awful and cringe every time I think about it

TRUTH - applies to so many things and supposed causes - do you really know where your money is going? NO so shut up, grow up, open your mind and move on!

Shitstorm caused by raging "christians"

It doesn't matter love is love<<< and when I saw the picture, I immediately thought, "rainbow Oreo!" Not, "omg Oreo stuff is gay"


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Being in public

This exchange that went from public restrooms to existential despair and back to petty.Too funny

oh yeah i do this with my sister sometimes it generally works

●●fuzz sez: In other words--be nice!●● or reals, people. Personally, I have trust issues for some of these but if people would help share my responsibilities then I would cry less lol

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 30 Pics

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I really want one of these this time around! Blooming bath!

I would love this rather then a baby bathing tub =] Blooming Bath is so much fun! The best way to bathe your baby!< this is cute, but maybe if I have a girl one day, it wouldbe better lol