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Tři oříšky pro Popelku by Václav Vorlíček (1973)

Barfly by Barbet Schroeder (1987)

Werewolf feasting, work in progress. It's 4:30 in the morning. I can't sleep. So I'm working on my creator owned book, Skybourne. In this scene, all the creatures are out of their cages and things get serious. It's like Bruce Lee's Game of Death. Our hero has to go floor by floor and battle all the monsters and creatures. On this level is a very hungry werewolf. #frankchoartist #skybourne #boomstudios #boomcomics #werewolf #monsters #horror

Remember when Snow White ran away with only the clothes on her back after a death threat, a life of invalidation & abuse, picked herself up on her own & changed the lives of everyone around her by reminding them of what really mattered (so much that they prioritized and killed the queen). But Disney lets people call her a weakling instead of defending their own (while allowing Frozen to take credit for everything) & hipsters bring up Mulan as though she's the 1st character to matter.

|| Art credit to Klaracrystalpaws on dA Whiteclaw's death Qotp: Favorite Tigerstar ship? Aotp: TigerXDark tbh - { #warriors #warriorcats #whiteclaw #leopardfur #leopardstar #graypaw #graystripe #fireheart #firestar #thunderclan #riverclan #starclan }

I don't think I've ever seen a writing prompt that I love more than this. I want to write this so bad

Photo of John Lennon performing with the Beatles in 1964. Credit: VARA; Wikimedia Commons. Read more on the GenealogyBank blog: “34th Anniversary of Ex-Beatle John Lennon’s Death.”