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Alabama's Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday Feb. 22 - 24 (Batteries, generators, tarps, coolers & more)

Alabama's Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday Feb. 22 - 24 (Batteries, generators, tarps, coolers & more) |

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How to Improve Your Credit Score

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"Bajo el puente de Artur El Rojo, en su río, no existía la derrota."

Exclusive Frank Miller Panel from Boston Comic Con 2016 Image Credit: DC Comics One of the major highlights of Boston Comic Con this year was the exclusive Frank Miller Panel. Frank Miller the creator of the famous mini-series The Dark Knight Returns was accompanied by DC writer Brian Azzarello who helped Miller with the third installment of the Dark Knight Returns story arc. Miller and Azzarello discuss how they began working for DC Comics. The first thing I pitched to DC was the…

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Death in the clouds: The problem with Everest’s 200+ bodies

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"Shit!" He yelled as he peeked past the corner as his tennis shoes skidded on the tiled floor. "Go back! Go back!" Io yelped, already running in the opposite direction

Nosa Señora do Faro Not as well known as other places on the Coast of Death A Nosa Señora do Faro is a chapel located on a small mountain between Corme and Ponteceso villages. As in other areas of Galicia in this place there are many traditions and beliefs as an ancient ritual practiced by sailor's wifes called "twist the roof tile" it consisted of rotating a roof tile of the chapel to change the winds or to stop raining during storms so that the sailors could come back home. Next to the…