Custom  Portrait Pencil Drawing from your photo by VittoriaArt, $35.00  I would love to get this done with DJ's photo. That's so cool

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Pencil Portrait Mastery - Pinner says: Drawing curly hair! Most common question I received during our portrait projects. - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

Pencil Portrait Drawing by John Gordon Art (2013, graphite)

Week 1 Graphite - Eduardo - John Gordon - 2013 - Charcoal and graphite - I was attracted to the use of white highlights and the shades, created by graphite, made the facial features three dimensional and realistic.

A perfect example of the everything learned prior to drawing their final portrait.  This is what the final portrait should ultimately look like.  They will have learned how to draw facial features, how to draw basic black and white value, and how to create an interesting composition zooming in on a portion of their face.  I can't wait to see how they turn out.

When drawing self portrait, you can crop to the part that you may like to express. The eyes can express a lot of emotions in a portrait. Other expressive feature of face is Mouth

Profile Drawing

I like this sketch because of the different depth and tone used to create the facial features and angles on the face. I also like the shading and shape of the face and features.

Marilyn Monroe Bleistift Zeichnung Hampel Signed Print

A minimalist portrait of Marilyn Monroe. Fine Art Print after an original drawing by Ileana Hunter. SIZE: 297 x 210 mm or 11 x 8 inch

art by M_2infinity

blua: “Illustration by Buenos Aires, Argentina based artist Diego Fernandez ” Women are the only art form that matter. Everything we do, all our drawings and our film stock is simply trying to.