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Through my #yoga training journey, I have been introduced to #ayurveda.  What is Ayurveda?  It’s the health system that is used in India.  It encompasses diet, wholesome life,surgury, biorhythms. herbal medicine, psychology, and therapeutic bodywork to address the root causes of diseases.  It focuses on disease prevention.

Yoga for bone health and detox

24 Yoga poses for beginners. Namaste :-). #yoga #meditation #health

24 Yoga Poses for Beginners

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Yoga for Knee Pain – Asanas that Work | Knee Pain Exercises

Yoga for Knee Pain – Asanas that Work

Yoga Fitness Flow - The knee is the most common victim of overuse injury. Let us discuss some yoga asanas that work for knee pain or you may say, yoga for knee pain. - Get Your Sexiest Body Ever!

This yoga sequence will release any tightness in your hip flexors and hamstrings. This helps to decrease muscle aches and pains and prevent injury.

Yoga Sequence For Tight Hips & Hamstrings

This Yoga Sequence helps to stretch out tight hip flexors & hamstrings. This decreases muscle aches & pains, increases flexibility, and decreases risk for injuries. This is especially useful for runners and other athletes.

Плоский живот благодаря йоге – это просто! Лучшие упражнения йоги для тонкой талии и плоского живота. Просто выполняйте регулярно специальный комплекс асан. #видео #похудение

Топ 10 поз йоги для идеального живота

10 Yoga Poses (Asanas) for a Flatter Belly [Infographics]

5 Productive Yoga Poses For Beginners

5 Productive Yoga Poses For Beginners

Eat stop eat to loss weight - 5 Productive Yoga Poses For Beginners - In Just One Day This Simple Strategy Frees You From Complicated Diet Rules - And Eliminates Rebound Weight Gain

➗Try these yoga poses to achieve youthful, radiant skin in 7 days

Best workout tip : Yoga Poses & Workouts For Beginners: Try these yoga poses to achieve youthful radiant skin in 7 days