Choice Autor:  Iman Maleki

Choice Autor: Iman Maleki

Iman Maleki   ایمان ملکی         Iman Maleki nació en 1976 en Teherán. Ha estado fascinado por el arte de la pintura desde niño. A los 15 ...

Fishermen Of Caspian Sea - Oil on canvas - - Precio: Consultar

Iman Maleki (1976), End of examinations (Final de exámenes), 1998, Óleo sobre lienzo

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A Sunset In Tehran Autor:  Iman Maleki

A Sunset In Tehran Autor: Iman Maleki

Sennacherib, Nineveh, Iraq. Some say that Sennacherib, not Nebuchadnezzar, has been proven to be the king who built the Hanging Gardens at Nineveh, not Babylon.

Ancient Sumerian men were perhaps even more obsessed with their hair and beard…

Fath Ali Shah, Qajar Painting, 1813-14 by Mihr Ali

An Early Painting of Fath Ali Shah. Fat′h Ali Shah Qajar (Persian: فتح على شاه قاجار‎; 5 September 1772 – 23 October was the second Qajar king of Iran. He reigned from 17 June 1797 until his death.

Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge - Adventure in Old Persia by Carl Barks

Carl Barks, Rug Riders’ Last Flight This one was based on his 1964 story, Rug Riders in the Sky, published in Uncle Scrooge (Originally the story was going to be called, Rug Bugs in Old Bugdud.

Iman Maleki Title: alone with sea Technical: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 89 0 Price: Consult

Iman Maleki painting