My first tattoo. My dad's exact signature and his dates <3

My dad's exact signature and his dates (this would be perfect for the kids)

Love this saying different placement, without feather

TATTOO IDEAS FOR WOMEN - Bohemian quotes tattoo: Beautiful things don't seek attention. **Not all those who wander are lost.** **All good things are wild and free.** Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

The tattoo I got in remembrance of my grandmother who passed away in 2010. "Love always, Grandma" ❤️

Great idea for my pap. I have a bunch of cards that he wrote to me and that would be a great idea to get his handwriting as a tattoo.

INITIAL WITH WINGS                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Toronto tattoo shop - Angel wing with letter J tattoo. I like the idea of using the initial of someone who has passed with an angel wing like this.

What I want as my first tattoo

"Dream without limits, Love without fear." "You are my sunshine" is the song I sang to my daughter since she was first born. 14 years later this is 'our' song and I'd love to have the verse tattooed on me 😊 xx

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every time I would look at the tattoo I would sing the song and it would make me happy and I would dedicate it to the person who taught me the song .