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71 Brilliant, Clever and Inspirational Ads That Will Change The Way You Think – Design School medicine, aspirine,

La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun. Interesting fun summer project: what if flags were just a snap shot of the real art and the graphics continued outside the bounds of the crop box?

La Grande Vague / Graphic design Joël Guenoun - Great usage of symbolism, the Japanese wave which creates the Japanese flag in the middle.


Pepsodent Torsion : Fish - "Don't let food stay too long" (Advertising Agency: Lowe, Jakarta, Indonesia)

Puma Preval The jump of Puma vs Adidas Sneakers

This is a perfect image-heavy ad because it is simple and straightforward. Both Puma and Adidas' logos are easily recognizable across the world, which makes this ad especially genius.

the tone of this ad is quite amusing. it is shot at an eye level so are looking into the persons wide awake eyes which makes a big impact just like starbucks coffee does when it keeps you awake. the lightling around the eye is dark and the eye is lit up symbolising that the person is now awake.

WEEK 8 Even though this doesn't have much design, I really like the idea of this ad. I didn't automatically think it was a starbucks ad, but I really like the idea how taping the eye open. If you drink a lot of coffee, stay awake!

Child abuse, YOU can prevent it. http://arcreactions.creative and genius advertisement campaigns and sick promos that are unforgettable

Child abuse, YOU can prevent it.

Child abuse, YOU can prevent it and genius advertisement campaigns and sick promos that are unforgettable

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McDonalds - Filet-o-Fish Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaCreative Directors: Flavio Zanni, Mohammed BahmishanSenior Art Director: Thierry ChehabPhotographer/Retoucher: Leap StudiosAccount Director: Thamer Farsi

Powerful social issue ads #ads #print http://arcreactions.com/great-marketing-content-dumbing-dumber-dumber/

Powerful social issue ads