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New Guitar Heroe... White Stripes with my ****

Play A Guitar With Your Piss Stream

Guitar Urinal - Today in awesome: A Brazilian company called Guitar Pee has created a musical urinal that turns your stream into a solo. When your flow hits the tabs in the urinal, prerecorded, solo guitar sounds play. New meaning to the word Guitar Wiz

Durex, más videos imágenes y consejos para la #farmacia en http://pinterest.com/farmagestion/

Durex ad for condoms. White background with blue logo. Upstanding condom on 1 side and baby nipple on other side. Protected sex or baby- simple photo image conveying powerful message about choices and consequences.

Faber-Castell #publicidad gráfica. Entre en el fantástico mundo de elcafeatomico.com para descubrir muchas más cosas!

Faber Castell "True Colors" To show that the product is so good to coloring anything. lead people to stick in mind of how good their colour pencils are.

Aeropuerto de Fortaleza - Iberia, #Marketing de Guerrilla

Ad for Spanish Airline Iberia / baggage carousel and matador. Clever advertising of direct flights from a not-so-big brazillian town to Madrid.


Pepsodent Torsion : Fish - "Don't let food stay too long" (Advertising Agency: Lowe, Jakarta, Indonesia)

Crayola Crayons in Easton, PA-Lehigh Valley...love it, so eye-catching & whimsical

Crayola Crayons in Easton, PA-Lehigh Valley.love it, so eye-catching & whimsical *This was such a fun place for the grandkids when we visited it* pa