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Chobani Logo

Chobani Logo

NATURAL CONTOUR Chobani Logo this is a double meaning Logo, the letter "c" is the head of the sheep.

Amazing Logo! The combination of the business name and the ring of marriage! ooo! Just lovely! #eventlogo

Silver Tree Events

Silver Tree Events Logo - Combination of the business name and the ring of marriage.

I really like this pin about the evolution development of these famous logos. I find it interesting to see how they have changed over time, becoming more modern looking in some and becoming more abstract in others. I also like the choices of various colors, seeing how some complement each other or emphasize each other. Brand Logo Evolution - Color and Design       tjn

Future Logos

Funny pictures about The Past and Future of Famous Logos. Oh, and cool pics about The Past and Future of Famous Logos. Also, The Past and Future of Famous Logos.

Owl-eight by brandosaur


This is a really cool visual image through its use of negative and positive space. I like how the number is used in the image to create the face of the owl. The number appears to make the owl looking on its side. letter/number into image

This is a good example of a logo. It is simple and represents the company. The different fonts and sizes show variety but they are also cohesive and work well together. The distressed look makes it look rustic which flows with the theme of coffee. It was also creative the way that the coffee beans were placed to look like a heart representing the "crush" as if you have a crush on coffee.

Crush Coffee

Crush coffee logo design with ink and paper texture. Coffee beans form a heart and enhance the name of the brand.

Cute zebra tat

Zebra by simc. plus 25 other great minimal logo designs /// A cute logo what else can i say. The negative space used to create the shape of the Zebra is nice.

Fly free

This logotype illustrates freedom literally by having the op half of the M fly off like a bird. The logotype uses the comparison of birds and freedom as a message. This logotype is effective in communicating meaning.

NocturnalThrills.png 290×290 píxeles

Giving purpose to lines and composition in the simplest of art can make all the difference fox infront of a moon simple lines good design


Andrei Pasternak / Project: Logo Design Study / Client: School Project / Role: Design *via Krop… FYI: pinning an image from Krop does NOT bring the Creative’s name with it (from the difficult-to-search Pluck’t, or even from a Portfolio). Not Kool.

The balance of this logo is spot on. Simplicity with combining two objects along with clean font and minimal kerning worked out very well. Communicates the message nicely in a more modern tone.

Weekly Logo Design Inspiration # 35

This a Logo For FarmGeek. i Love how that incorporated a Tractor for the Farm Part and and they also Incorporated Glasses as the wheels for the Tractor for the geek part

Creative Word Images by Ji Lee - Pondly

Creative Word Images by Ji Lee

This is a really nice, modern logo. The font isn't really capturing,although simplicity catch my eye, but the use of the clock being applied to fill in the missing letters is really creative, the gradient background gives good surrounding depth.


This logotype is very unique. Even though the word is "one" a line slashing thorough is appealing to the eye. It shows two words saying "one" the darker bold font, and the light font. It shows good use of alignment and contrast.

Camel by George Bokhua


Camel by George Bokhua / logo / branding / black and white / animal / negative space / movement / love how he is turning his head

I like how this individual inverted the black and white. I prefer the black background and white design

20 Inspiring Logo Sketches

Logo draft sketch inspiration We like how this individual inverted the black and white. We prefer the black background and white design